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New and used vehicle transportation, auto auctions, rental returns, and dealer trades are all areas in which we excel.


Champion takes pride in providing high-quality, damage-free delivery.

Our fleet of transport vehicles is constantly upgraded to take advantage of the most cutting-edge technolgies available in the car transportation industry.

We offer RORO (roll on roll off) as well as container service. RORO services tend to be less expensive for our customers because once it gets to the proper destination, then it can be driven off of the ship immediately. RORO services do present some risk to your vehicle which is why customers more concerned about their vehicle purchase an exclusive container which offers significant offers significant protection during transit.

Pet Transportation

We love our pets at Champion International Moving. Often times, it can be difficult to determine the quarantine requirements for your pets because there is not one consistent source for quarantine and country requirements. If you would like to discuss this process and go over the steps that you need to take, please contact us today.

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