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Champion Privacy Policy - Last revised 12/14/18

The privacy of our customers is an increasingly important issue.

Carrying out international relocations means that we need to collect certain personal data. Collecting this information is subject to strict rules: we will only ask for information which is necessary to perform the customer’s relocation or removal; the information is used only for the purpose of the removal; information is not shared with third parties unless this is necessary for the purpose for which the information was collected, or when we are legally required to (for instance, for customs handling).

No personal data will be sold or provided to third parties for commercial reasons.

No automated decision making is done based upon personal data.

Stored data must be secured against unauthorized access and data integrity must be ensured by technical and procedural measures.

Customers must receive an information privacy notice at first contact.

Customers may access their personal information by contacting Champion International Moving, Ltd.

We must be in compliance with privacy laws in the countries in which we conduct business. Our relocation specialists are expressly instructed not to disclose any information of personal nature they obtain during their work to any outside parties, and sanctions may apply if this instruction is broken.

If there is a need for security personnel, the personnel needs to be aware of the security protocols and respect the human rights of our customers, immediate surrounding and local people.

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